October 10, 2016


Watson Corporate Academy Certification Day 2016

It is true when they say that it’s never too late to learn something new. Today, being literate comes with having a basic understanding of how to work on a computer. When an opportunity arises for one to learn then full advantage should be taken. African Global facility maintenance employees decided not to let their circumstances or backgrounds deter them from improving their lives and skillset, and that is exactly what Watson Corporate Academy (WCA) Certification Day on the 30th of September 2016 was about. The function was for all employees who completed the basic computer training course. These included staff in the cleaning and landscaping departments, most of whom didn’t have access to tertiary education.


The event was held at the Mogale Business Park Imbizo to celebrate the students who completed the computer course and gained a new skill.  The MC for the event was WCA’s Busi Ntimbani, who did an excellent job ensuring that the event was running on time.

The students were welcomed by WCA director, Dr Louise Scholtz. He gave a short but very encouraging welcome speech to the learners, “Always remember lifelong learning.”


To receive all the learners and explain what the day was all about were Ronny Mthimkhulu and Mabohle Mahlakwane. Both gentlemen expressed that every achievement must be celebrated, no matter how big or small it may be.  They also stressed the importance of growth and advancement through continued learning.


Another speaker that brought a motivational aspect, as well as humour that relaxed everyone in the room, was WCA Executive Chairperson, Mrs Jackie Leyds.  Her speech began with a description of what the word certificate meant and how important it is for the graduates to make something of what they’ve learnt.  Jackie also told the graduates that it is their decision on where they are going to end up in the organisation, she said, “Don’t just see this day as just certification, give your input and help grow the company – make a meaningful contribution.”


The graduates were all full of pride and rightfully so, their achievement goes beyond individuality; it encourages starting small and building from there on.


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