November 2, 2016


The benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS)

Information Technology (IT) first came into being many years ago, what we know now is an evolved version of the industry.  Software as a Service is a branch out of IT that is taking the business world by storm.  A basic definition would be, Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software distribution model that allows a third-party service provider to host applications then makes them available to customers over the internet.  The software is typically not hosted on your infrastructure or installed on your computer, it is a cloud-based application.

A Software as a Service application belongs to the provider, no hardware is required to install or maintain. SaaS allows companies to avoid upfront infrastructure costs; the company can use software they require by signing up or subscribing for a fee, meaning that you’re basically “renting” the service when necessary.

SaaS models have the following benefits:

Flexible payments

Without the obligation of purchasing hardware and software to install, customers can subscribe to a SaaS offering and pay on a monthly basis.  This allows a business to budget better for other resources.


Customers have the option of choosing how much access they want to SaaS services; because the solution is cloud-based it is scalable and integrates with other SaaS offerings.


SaaS applications are accessible over the internet, and users have access to them from any location on internet-enabled devices.

Reduced time

SaaS applications are already installed and configured, which in turn give the user a ready-to-use application.


SaaS providers upgrade the solution automatically, so the cost and effort that comes with upgrades have reduced the responsibility of the IT staff.

SaaS solutions are easy to use and any user can test the software functionality.  If your company is already using other software, SaaS applications can be integrated using APIs.  For employees with remote work models, having a SaaS model grants global accessibility and makes working from anywhere easier.


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