November 23, 2016


Steps to discover your passion and define your career

What is your passion in life? What are your abilities – those aptitudes that you are born with and that come easily to you? What are your interests – things that you like and enjoy because they stimulate you? Knowing all this about yourself is an essential element in defining and building a career that will give you fulfilment and success.

Steps to discover your passion

Think of 10 things you never want to have to do or experience in future. Write one sentence about each, starting with the words: I never want _______________.

Think of 10 things you would love to have or experience in future. Write one sentence about each, starting with the words: I would really love to _______________.

Write down the five most important values in your life.

Write about your long-term goals or dreams for your working life. Cover the following aspects:

  • What do you want to achieve?
  • Where do you see yourself five years from now?
  • Where do you want to be 10 years from now?


Defining your abilities and interests

Which of the following fields are you naturally good at and also interested in?

  • Social,g. working with people, caring for others, supporting, encouraging, interacting, motivating, respecting, sharing, meeting, building relationships
  • Artistic,g. painting, sculpture, pottery, design, architecture, decorating, acting, dancing, singing, performing music
  • Scientific,g. analysing, logical thinking, investigating facts, recognising patterns, linking information, insight, perceiving, problem-solving, defining, discovering new information
  • Manufacturing,g. making things, building, woodwork, metalwork, beadwork, engineering, assembling
  • Commercial,g. business, marketing, profits, making money, selling, economics, growing organisations
  • Clerical,g. scheduling, putting systems in place, categorising, keeping records, caring about order and detail
  • Teaching,g. guiding, mentoring, working with students, inspiring, understanding, disciplining, communicating
  • Leadership,g. organising, developing, motivating, empowering, leading, directing people, building teams
  • Financial,g. money, independence, risk-taking, numbers, accounting, uncertainty, world markets, forecasting, profits
  • Persuasion,g. influencing, convincing, persuading, impressing, challenging, negotiating, reasoning with people
  • Technical,g. gadgets, machinery, appliances, computers, apps, systems, technological developments, innovations

Female Engineer

Defining your career

The ideal career for you is one that combines your passion with your abilities and interests. Take every opportunity for employee development and skills development to learn more about yourself and about the world of work so that you can define the right career steps to keep you motivated and inspired.

Find out what you like doing best, and get someone to pay you for it.

 – Katharine Whitehorn


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