May 12, 2016


New Computer Training Facility Launched

Watson Corporate Academy Multipoint Server Solution


When Niel Gerber was tasked to setup the computer training facility at the Watson Corporate Academy, the brief was clear – keep it simple and cost effective. This is often easier said than done. How does one in fact reduce your total cost of ownership when it comes to computers?

One thing was clear from the start though. The new IT infrastructure would not be traditional workstations. Hewlett Packard is the preferred technology provider of African Global, and their solution was most impressive.

HP recommended their MultiSeat product which is an educator/student system based on their tried and tested client server architecture. The workstations or terminals are known as Thin Clients and are inexpensive and simple to manage. They have a small footprint as all the functionality is built into the screen.

Some advantages of this solution include:

  • Thin Clients greatly reduces the total cost of ownership
  • Each Thin Client consumes a mere 13W of electricity as supplied by a PoE (Power-Over-Ethernet) Switch thus significantly reducing the carbon footprint
  • Improved security as the information captured is stored on the Multipoint Server or other network based storage solutions and not on the Thin Client unit
  • Reduced risk in virus infections through advanced user access control

HP MultiSeat’s Classroom Manager enables the educator to be in total control over the lesson flow, student evaluation as well as the students.

HP Classroom Manager User highlights include the following:

  • Power On or Off all classroom computers from the educator station
  • Lock or black out student stations with a single click
  • Specify allowed or restricted websites
  • Set printer and connected device controls such as keyboards and USB flash drives
  • View multiple student stations at the same time
  • Easily view an entire classroom of stations at one time
  • Broadcast the educator station’s screen to multiple student stations
  • Monitor instant messages
  • Watch, share, or control the screen of any student station
  • Send and receive alerts
  • Enrich learning
  • Easily share digital content
  • Administer quizzes and surveys in real-time with instant reports and scoring
  • Create student journals
  • Distribute and automatically collect files
  • Open websites and synchronize with student browsers

The solution has already been tried and tested at two of the Child & Youth Care facilities and will also be rolled out to a third in the weeks to come.

Throughout the project, Songezo Majambe assisted Niel in the installation and configuration of the MultiSeat solution at the Child & Youth Care facilities and the Watson Corporate University.



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