May 16, 2016

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Watson Corporate Academy receives international accreditation

The Watson Corporate Academy was assessed by the Asian Society for Corporate University (ASCU) Standard Assessment, Grading and Accreditation Team. They were piloting the 2015 International Standards for Corporate Universities globally. The following members from China, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore formed part of the Standard Assessment, Grading and Accreditation Team:

  • Mr Prim Kumar: Chairman of the Expert Committee for the Standard
  • Dr Suresh Krishnan: Key Author of the Standard and Master Assessor
  • Dr Jenny Yan: General Secretary of the Expert Committee for Standard
  • Mr Honglei Lv: Standing General Secretary of the Expert Committee for Standard
  • Mr Panicker Vasudevan: Vice Chairman of the Asian Society for Corporate University

The comprehensive assessment encompassed the establishment/development level of Watson Corporate Academy, its operational effectiveness, performance (enterprise business and Corporate University performance evaluation), development status (robustness) sustainability, safe learning environment and identification of areas and opportunities for improvement.

Corporate Learning Institutions could be categorised into 5 different types depending on their level of functioning. The following diagram illustrates the 5 different types:




  • Management Commitment to “Learning” is high & supported with resources
  • The individual desire to learn is very visible.
  • The understanding on the needs to continuously improve and innovate is very glaring
  • Chief Learning Officer has a clear vision, energy to lead & drive the Transformation
  • A very passionate CEO and the Board of Directors create greater avenue for individual and the Corporate Academy as a whole.
  • Wide & closely connected with an extensive network of reputable Suppliers & Vendors.
  • The existing Companywide Quality Management System makes it easier to understand and further accept the Corporate Academy standardisation.
  • Good Facilities & infrastructure (and future upgrading plans) to support learning.
  • “Corporate Academy Image & Branding” strategies & actions deployed.
  • Spirit of Innovation together with cutting edge technology is widely seen.
  • Heavy investment in term of budget, facilities, management time & strategies to develop “World-class” workforce very evident.
  • Corporate University creating a “unique competitive advantage” for the Corporation by developing the “Passion” to support the Vision.
  • Many actions undertaken by Corporate University as the guardian of “Culture & Values”.
  • Innovation & Learning Research &Development is planned.
  • Diverse Learning Strategies are deployed to ensure learning efficiency (Labs, Facilities, etc.).
  • Programmes to institutionalise the Corporate Academy’s Transformation is being formulated.
  • Corporate Academy strongly support Company Social Responsibility of African Global.


The Watson Corporate Academy has been granted the status of a Corporate Academy, the first in Africa after successful completion of the assessment.

Mr Gavin Watson has also been invited as key speaker to address CEO’s and other executive representatives around the globe at the upcoming Global Corporate Academies Conference to be hosted in Bali in March 2015.

The staff from the Watson Corporate Academy express their sincere gratitude towards the CEO, Mr Gavin Watson, the Board of Directors and all other Staff members who have assisted with the preparation of the Asian Society for Corporate University (ASCU) Standard Assessment, Grading and Accreditation Audit.


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