Sylvester Simelane (2)


Thank you for affording me the opportunity to highlight my experience as a student of the Watson Corporate Academy.

The tailor made programmes/modules of the WCA made me a different and better person in the way I interact, make decisions, plan and organise our operations to achieve set goals. I became aware of the importance of motivating and developing staff members (which is our CEO’s passion) in order to consistently become productive and positive; thereby fulfilling the vision of African Global which is “service excellence by harnessing synergies in which the African Global people are empowered to express their personalities and strengths in a team environment, thereby contributing to the economic and social development of our nation”. We were fortunate in our group to be lectured by Dr Louis Scholtz in Management and Leadership who made it simple and easy to apply all the acquired knowledge in the working environment. My life and circumstances were enriched by undergoing this programme in that eventually I was inspired to continue further with my studies through the University of the Free State where I am doing my Bachelor in Management and Leadership (BML). It is worth noting the importance of this programme in that we are currently enrolling all our managers and sub-division managers to attend as well. I thank the leadership of this great organisation led by our inspirational Gavin “Nkokheli” Watson for giving me the opportunity to develop myself.


Lynn Loots


What a privilege!!! My journey on the WCA LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME took me out of my comfort zone and was one of the most valuable learning experiences. The programme tied together my past working experience and the last 14 years at African Global. It gave me confidence!! With Gavin Watson at the front, leading the African Global team and my inspiration the WCA LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME brought it all home. I am a Leader! It is not every day that one gets such an opportunity to work with all aspects of what is required to keep an organization as diverse as African Global and it’s that which you become exposed in greater depth and ultimately gave me a greater understanding of the significance that teams including my own team plays in the bigger picture.The research required to complete the assignments was so rewarding and provided valuable insight to the business world and understanding of Leadership require to drive business and the pits falls you could land in if you don’t take ownership as a Leader of your actions or even better change your direction that you are heading into. The WCA LEADERSHIP PROGRAMME provided an excellent opportunity to nurture relationships with colleagues that one does not always have time for but should have a platform from which one can draw on the strengths of others in various situations – you can’t know it all! All Leaders need to experience this journey.



I would like to thank all those who saw potential in me and nominated me to attend the Generic Leadership and Management Programme. The Leadership and Management course developed my leadership skills. Coming from a union background, I have no doubt that this course played an important role in giving me the knowledge needed for managing employees within my department. I have grown since the training. I am able to manage two fields of operations (Call Centre and Training and Development) effectively. This programme is very important for newly appointed managers or employees with the potential to broaden their knowledge, skills and attitude towards business leadership. This is a great course and I encourage everyone to do it.






My experience with the training was that it was a reflection and an extension of Gavin Watson’s vision of empowering and unleashing the strength of employees, and exposing them into the reality of managing their various business units. This institution is regarded highly by most of us, and will always be the flag ship of our organisation. We acknowledge you, Dr Scholtz for your unwavering dedication, commitment and guidance.



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