Student Support Services

The Watson Corporate Academy learner entry, guidance, support and remedial processes address the following areas:

  • support to access a learning and development programme
  • support provided prior to enrolment in the programme and assessment support provided during the programme and assessment
  • support provided after the programme and assessment have been completed

The Watson Corporate Academy guidance and support services include activities such as:

  • assessment of prior learning and achievement
  • assisting learners to make sense of the learning in terms of career opportunities, personal development choices and instructional and assessment language needs
  • understanding, facing and resolving or adapting to, personal problems and difficulties which could inhibit progress
  • taking into account opportunities that may exist within the organisation, as well as in the sector more broadly

Student Support Services (2)

During the learning and development programme, a number of support interventions will be communicated to the learners at the beginning of the programme.

These include:

  • Guidance and counselling
  • The individual needs of learners are identified via a Training Matrix
  • Personal development plans for each learner are formulated
  • Learning and career pathway advice is available to all learners by the Watson Corporate Academy Academic or Wellness Facilitators

Language support

Watson Corporate Academy facilitators, assessor and moderators will, according to organisational procedures, obtain the services of a language translator, where necessary.

Support with the learning process

Watson Corporate Academy facilitators/assessors, or any other relevant party, will provide the following support to learners:

  • where it emerges during the learning and development programme that learners are struggling with a part of the programme, the facilitator will need to identify the learning challenges and support the learners with these difficulties
  • the facilitator will ensure that progress is regularly reviewed, feedback is given, support is provided and pre-programme exit guidance is available

Coaching at the workplace

  • The supervisor should be aware of the competencies that the learner is acquiring and a process of on-the-job training should be established to support the learner’s development of an applied competence.
  • The Director of the Watson Corporate Academy with the assistance of the training coordinators will ensure that coaching programmes are available.

Student Support Services
Support during the Assessment Process

  • The assessor will provide the learners with a written document that outlines all the assessment activities that form part of the programme. The document will state what the assessment criteria will be and the scheduling of each of these assessment activities. This guide will also outline the methods of assessment that will be utilised.
  • The assessor will conduct continuous formative assessment activities throughout the programme. On the basis of these activities, the learners will receive feedback regarding the areas on which they must concentrate and improve.
  • The assessor will conduct summative assessment activities at the end of the programme. These activities will be for the acquisition of credits against the registered national standards.

Where learners are not found competent on the first attempt, the assessor will give them feedback, and the following steps will be followed:

  • There will be an analysis as to why the learner is not yet competent (this should have partly been addressed during the support measures undertaken during the programme based on the formative assessment activities)
  • Once there is an understanding as to why the learner was not assessed as competent, these issues will be addressed, and the learner will be given the opportunity to re-attempt the assessment activity with the appropriate action having been taken.
  • The assessor will develop a full report which details the findings and actions taken. This is part of the standard format for a moderator’s report.
  • Learners will receive feedback on assessment and will be given access to the appeals process in cases where they feel that they have a justifiable complaint to make about the results or the assessment process.

Learners who are found not to be competent will be allowed three attempts, provided that they show improvement. In cases where learners show no improvement the learner will be given an opportunity to start the course over again and the HOD of the relevant department will be informed.

Where a learner lodges an appeal, this will be dealt with in line with the appeal procedures as outlined in Watson Corporate Academy Appeals Policy. If the issues cannot be resolved at the organisational level, the appeal will be referred to the relevant SETA in accordance with its appeals procedures.

Support provided after the Learning and Development Programme has been completed:

The Facilitator will inform learners of other career pathways linked to the learning programme.




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