The African Global employee agrees to the following obligations with regard to training at Watson Corporate Academy:
Acknowledgement of Training (2)

  1. Service Obligation – 6 Months service for every R 1 500.00, or part thereof calculating pro rata after completion of the training course.
  1. The employee undertakes to refund the employer the cost of all training costs incurred by the employer in his/her training should he/she resign or be dismissed for misconduct or incapacity.
  1. For the purposes of the above paragraphs, training costs means the costs incurred by the employer on formal/informal/on the job training events at the time of the termination of service.
  1. Other obligations agreed upon – repay the full amount used, plus interest at the current rate should the training be discontinued or not completed within the agreed period as a result of the employee’s actions. The employer shall be entitled to claim the total amount paid, plus interest at the current rate.
  1. The employee acknowledges that the original training certificate will be placed in his/her personal file until such time as his/her employment with the company is terminated for whatever reason.
  1. The Employee hereby authorises the company to recover all amounts due by him/her from any remuneration or other monies due to him/her even if at the time of such recovery, the employee is no longer in the employment of the Company.

By formally accepting training at the Watson Corporate Academy the employee acknowledges and understands the above conditions.




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