Mode of Instruction

At a time when online technology is transforming the way people learn, the Watson Corporate Academy must increase online offerings of the core components of all programmes and courses. While many of the programmes and courses incorporate some online delivery components, the features and platforms used vary between disciplines and among courses.

The LMS System, the interactive white boards, Tablets, iPads and webinar applications will assist us to systematically integrate the use of Information Technology into our instructional programmes, so that all learners can fully exploit new technology as an essential tool in teaching and learning.

The advantage would be:

  • Expanding training and support services to help the Watson Corporate Academy with curricular redesign, educationally sound pedagogical practices, and the development and deployment of information technology based courseware.
  • Setting expectations that every learning intervention will have an online syllabus and an established protocol for remote communication between learner and facilitator.
  • Bringing all learners to a level of information technology proficiency appropriate to their needs. Establish information technology fluency and information literacy requirements for all learners.
  • Strongly encouraging all learners to have access to a networked personal computer, Tablet or iPad, and require ownership for learners in selected disciplines.
  • Bringing every classroom up to an established minimum standard for information technology capability and create special purpose information technology enhanced classrooms as required.

The Watson Corporate Academy will offer a blended curriculum of online (virtual: anywhere, anyhow, any time) and face to face instruction and delivery methods.

Unlike traditional universities, the Watson Corporate Academy will demand a return on investment. No more training just for the sake of training! There must be concrete evidence that the virtual or face to face classroom interaction is delivering results. You see, it has to do with COMPETENCY at the end of the day. Each employee has to achieve competency levels before continuing to the next phase.

Bottomline: that which has been learned in the classroom must be successfully executed in the working environment.






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