Facilitators will sign this Code of Ethics and therefore abide by the following:

  • Acknowledge the noble calling of their profession to educate and develop internal employees /external clients.
  • Acknowledge that their attitude, dedication, self-discipline, learning and facilitation methods determine the quality of education in the classroom.
  • Commit themselves therefore, to do all within their power, in the executing of their professional duties, to act in accordance with the standards and norms of the profession;
  • Ensure that their behaviour does not bring the Watson Corporate Academy or their department into disrepute, but rather enhance the dignity and status of their profession as a facilitator;
  • Accept that they have a professional obligation towards learners/ students course induction, lessons, programme preparation, assessment of critical cross filed outcomes, learner feedback and certification;
  • Will demonstrate understanding of new educational trends and apply ongoing development in the education and learning field;
  • Recognise their employer as a partner in education and learning; acknowledge that learning and development responsibilities are vested in them by their employer through legislation which they will serve to the best of their ability;
  • Will refrain from discussing confidential and official matters with unauthorised people and will not disclose information about learners/students regarding the learning and development information;
  • Will respect the dignity, beliefs and constitutional rights of all learners/students,
  • Will not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, national origin, political or religious beliefs, family, social or cultural background, sexual orientation, unfairly exclude any learner/student from participation in any learning programme, deny grant benefits to any learner/student;
  • Will acknowledge the uniqueness, individuality, and specific needs of each learner/student, guiding and encouraging each to realise his/her potential;
  • Will strive to enable learners/students to develop a set of values, norms and attitudes consistent with the fundamental rights outlined in the constitution of South Africa;
  • Will always maintain a professional relationship with all learners/students, both in and outside the classroom and will refrain from improper physical contact or sexual relationships with them. They will not commit any act of abuse, whether physical/ verbal or any act of cruelty or any act of endangerment;
  • Will always use appropriate language and behaviour when interacting with learners/students, and respect them in the classroom and working environment;
  • Will take reasonable steps to ensure the safety of the learners/ students in the classroom and will not be negligent or indolent in the performance of their professional duties;
  • Will under no circumstances leave learners/students unattended in a classroom or practical assessment area;
  • Will not accept any gratuity, gift or favour that might impair or appear to influence professional decisions or action;
  • Will accept and comply with the policies and procedures of the Watson Corporate Academy.


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