Assessors and Moderators Code of Conduct

Employees and other individuals fulfilling the roles of assessors and moderators should have the highest possible standards of personal integrity, professional competence, sound judgement and discretion. All the Watson Corporate Academy, assessors and moderators must subscribe to the following Code of Conduct:


  • The role of the assessor is that of a supportive guide who has the success of the learner at heart. Assessors must have proficiency in the subject matter of the discipline or learning area in which the standards and qualifications they are responsible for falls, as well as occupational expertise.
  • Assessors must have been trained and found competent against the unit standards for assessment and be registered assessors with the relevant Seta/s.

Assessors should:

  • Adhere to the principles of assessment as set out in the national assessor standards
  • The principles are: appropriateness; fairness; manageability; integration into work or learning; validity; direct; authenticity; systematic; reliable; current; transparent and sufficient.
  • Adhere to the principles of confidentiality
  • Follow assessment guidance given by QCTO, Seta ETQAs and Watson Corporate Academy
  • Ensure that the relationship between the learner and assessor during the assessment is conducive to the assessment
  • Understand their role within the broader Quality Assurance System
  • Ensure that the environment for assessment is conducive to assessment
  • Know how to provide feedback on the standards and qualifications to Watson Corporate Academy learners
  • Provide learner and other relevant parties with prompt, accurate and constructive feedback
  • Maintain records of learner achievements by completing the required documentation
  • Conduct themselves with integrity and ensure that learners are aware that they have recourse to the appeal system
  • Assure the learners that they have their interests at heart
  • Ensure that the assessment is conducted according to the requirements (Specific Outcomes and Assessment Criteria, as well as CCFOs) of the standards and/or qualification
  • Identify and meet special assessment needs of learners regarding, amongst others, language and disabilities
  • Communicate effectively, using non-abusive language
  • Brief learners fully on the assessment process
  • Adhere to Watson Corporate Academy’s assessment policy


The moderator of an assessment shall be a different person from that who did the assessment. Moderators should also be subject-matter experts and have occupational expertise.

Moderators must also be familiar with, and continuously refresh their understanding of:

  • Current unit standards and qualifications
  • Relevant policies, legislation and regulations
  • Quality assurance and reporting requirements
  • Moderators must have been trained and found competent against the unit standards for assessment and moderation and be registered moderators with the relevant Seta/s

Moderators should:

  • Conduct moderation of assessment results and records using the minimum sample as prescribed by Watson Corporate Academy;
  • Ensure that learners who are being assessed are assessed in a consistent, accurate and well-designed manner by:
    • Checking assessment documentation for validity, reliability, sufficiency and consistency
    • Determining whether the assessment activities or tools used produce reliable results
    • Determining if the decision taken is appropriate to the evidence
    • Ensuring that the assessment documents are appropriately used and completed correctly
    • Ensuring that assessment and moderation evidence is stored in a manner that protects evidence
  • Ensure that assessors who are assessing a particular unit standard or qualification are using a variety of assessment methods
  • Provide advice and support to assessors and Watson Corporate Academy so as to maintain an effective relationship;
  • Report the results of their moderation to the relevant parties, including the ETQA
  • Initiate appropriate strategies to continuously improve the quality of assessments, and hence the integrity and credibility of Watson Corporate Academy’s system for assessment and certification
  • Adhere to Watson Corporate Academy’s Assessment Policy


Both assessors and moderators must have all the skills required to effectively perform all functions according to the latest methods. Assessors and moderators must maintain the professional image of Watson Corporate Academy and the relevant Seta ETQAs with which they are registered at all times by ensuring they have or do the following:

  • Have a thorough understanding of Watson Corporate Academy’s Assessment Process
  • Act with integrity in a responsible, respectful and ethical manner;
  • Demonstrate a high level of expertise
  • Keep up to date with developments in their field
  • Demonstrate a broad understanding of outcomes-based forms of assessment and the NQF
  • Treat learners and colleagues with respect and sensitivity
  • Have appropriate interpersonal and planning skills
  • Have a full understanding of various assessment methods and evidence requirements
  • Know the different methods of gathering valid, fair and consistent evidence
  • Practicing assessors and moderators within Watson Corporate Academy must be registered with the relevant Seta ETQA which will ensure that they have the necessary training and are in possession of the appropriate ETDP qualifications
  • Ensure that no discrimination of whatever kind is practiced; assessments and moderations must be done in a thorough and timeous manner
  • Attend all training programmes as identified by Watson Corporate Academy in order to keep up to date
  • Not accept gifts/favours in relation to the assessment process;
  • Maintain a developmental approach to assessment, and show continuous commitment to the principles of professional ethics and learner support.


Due to the nature of the role of assessors and moderators, caution must always be exercised to ensure that assessments and moderations thereof are conducted according to the Assessment Policies and Procedures of Watson Corporate Academy, and that no exceptions will be made. Exceptions of any kind can be construed as fraudulent.

MISCONDUCTAssessors and Moderators Code of Conduct (2)

Assessors and moderators are obliged to refrain from misconduct during the assessment process, and where instances of misconduct occur, Watson Corporate Academy is entitled to take disciplinary/ corrective action. Where instances of misconduct occur, Watson Corporate Academy must ensure that there is substantive as well as procedural fairness, i.e. there must be a valid reason and a fair procedure in place when disciplinary action is taken.

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