As a corporate learning and development provider, the Watson Corporate Academy offers a range of programmes, which address national imperatives. It is also committed to high quality facilitation, assessment and moderation and the learning experience is embedded in quality learning and development standards.

Admission Policy
The Watson Corporate Academy Admission policy, procedures and requirements are committed to:
Admission Requirements (2)

  • Fair and open access to learning programmes
  • Ensuring that there are no discriminatory factors that negatively impact on learners accessing learning programmes
  • Business analysis to determine what competencies the learner requires to ensure that these learning needs are met. This relates to the language and numeric requirements, as well as the occupational competence
  • Analysing the qualification or the unit standard to determine what learning needs exist. This informs the design of an appropriate selection process and informs entry level requirements for the different programmes
  • Ensuring that it enables learners to access learning programmes on the basis of qualification or the equivalent level of demonstrated competence
  • The careful design or choice of a selection process which will establish whether or not the learners have these competencies in place
  • Entry requirements of the learning programme that are closely linked to the learning assumed to be in place as stipulated in the unit standard and qualification and will ensure that these requirements are met

The Director of the Watson Corporate Academy will ensure that:

  • Available learning and development programmes are communicated to all relevant parties via the monthly Knowledge and Skills Planner, Meetings, Brochures and the Learning Management System
  • Departmental Facilitators assigned to the Watson Corporate Academy will provide comprehensive information about the available learning and development programmes, their entry criteria and requirements to all prospective learners, both prior to entry and during induction
  • Departmental Facilitators will ensure that learners have an opportunity to clarify their requirements and relate them to the learning process

All learners should be aware that the admission requirements are programme specific such as:

  • Executive leadership and management programmes
  • Business related programmes
  • Induction programmes
  • SETA credit bearing programmes for full qualifications
  • SETA Credit Bearing Programmes for Part qualifications
  • SETA non-credit bearing programmes
  • Formal tertiary/academic Programmes

Executive leadership and management programme

The Board of Directors and senior leadership will be responsible to nominate students using the provided selection criteria. Nominations must be submitted to the Executive Chairperson and Director of the Watson Corporate Academy on a prescribed nomination form, at least 30 days before commencement of the planned Leadership and Management programme.

Nominated students should be representative of most of the departments/ divisions within African Global. Approved nominated students will be notified at least 21 days prior to the commencement of the programme in order to complete all arrangements for example, travel bookings, accommodation and the completion of the prescribed documentation.

A successfully approved student will be required to complete all information as required from all documentation.

20 Students per Programme will be selected. The duration of the programme will be 6–12 months (depending on the programme) which will include compulsory formal contact sessions at the Watson Corporate Academy, followed by online assignments. A summative assessment process will take place at the end of the programme. A student’s performance will be continuously monitored and assessed through the LearnerTrax System which forms part of our learning management system.

An NQF 3 or equivalent qualification with an acceptable level of literacy in English plus two years working experience.

Free, unhindered and frequent access to a Computer/iPad and the Internet must be available to nominated students, as a major portion of the tuition of this programme will comprise of online learning and webinars.

The student must be able to attend 2 x one week compulsory attendance training programme at the Watson Corporate Academy, Mogale Business Park. Support must be available to assist on site when a student is attending the learning and development sessions. It is compulsory that all students reside at the Mogale Lodge during the two formal sessions.

SETA-related admissions

Departmental heads in assistance with the relevant training coordinator and operational teams will, via a training matrix, nominate and select employees to attend accredited learning and development interventions organized by SETA approved providers or other relevant accredited providers.

These learning and development interventions will be indicated on training registers and recorded on the VIP database for further workplace skills plan referencing and submissions.

The Watson Corporate Academy will also rely on information from relevant SETAs to enable it to offer advice pertaining to the sector more broadly.

The full or part qualifications on offer will determine the learning assumed to be in place, the purpose thereof and who should attend.

Induction programme admission

This programme is aimed at all new employees joining the company. It is expected of them to attend the one day

African Global On-Boarding Induction programme. This programme is organized by the Watson Corporate Academy in collaboration with the Human Resource Department, the Health and Safety Department, Finance Department and the Media and Marketing Department.

Admission RequirementsFormal tertiary/academic admission

Employees are also encouraged to further their academic and vocational studies at different tertiary/academic institutions. To benefit from this process, the full time employees should take note of the following methods:

Application for study assistance through the company

This application allows the employee to study in a relevant field of interest. The field of interest should be in line of his/her current job function. The employee applies by completing all relevant documentation as display on the HR Intranet site. The documentations should be submitted to the relevant departmental HR practitioner for Remuneration Committee approval. Only on approval can the employee enroll for the aforesaid course.

Once approved by the Remuneration Committee, the student application should also be in line with the policies and regulations promulgated by the Department of Higher Education Training and Development. This includes:

  • The entrance requirements in respect of all qualifications
  • The minimum requirements for re-admission to study
  • The standards and conditions under which the student may be refused re-admission to the tertiary institution
  • Applications for admission to a formal qualification must be made directly to the tertiary institution on the prescribed form and lodged in the manner prescribed by the institution
  • Compliance with the minimum requirements does not guarantee a place as the tertiary institution has a specific number of places as approved by the Department of Higher Education and Training
  • Applicants may also be expected to write an admission or placement test for certain qualifications as per faculty requirements.
  • Work related upskilling of talent and knowledge management

This application is more than attending workshops and seminars. The application for upskilling talent and knowledge management has to do with job excellence and cutting edge knowledge application. Senior Management and HOD’s can motivate in order for their employees to gain updated knowledge by furthering their studies in the field of work application. These work related study applications are submitted for approval to the Executive Chairperson and Director of the Watson Corporate Academy. After approval the employee will be able to enroll for the relevant course or programme.



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