May 16, 2016

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Knowledge Sharing at Evolving Corporate Universities Forum

Evolving Corporate Universities Forum South Africa


What happens when like-minded people meet in the name of Evolving Corporate Universities? Great minds discuss ideas and knowledge is shared. ECU is the ultimate knowledge sharing platform which aims to develop current programmes and structures within corporate universities. African Global is proud to host yet another Evolving Corporate Universities Forum at Mogale Business Park on Thursday, 26 March 2015.

The ECU forum is targeted at heads of academies, talent managers, HR directors and more. Here delegates have the opportunity to network and gain insights into the dos and don’ts of effectively operating a corporate university. Here are four reasons why African Global admires ECU and why we are excited to host it at our Mogale Business Park:


  • ECU’s model for corporate universities aligns company goals and initiatives with learning. Learning and sharing is a big part of our vision and mission statement which is why we created the Watson Corporate University to promote ongoing employee development.
  • The development of Leadership skills plays a significant role in career development. Leadership is the vehicle that drives the growth of any company. ECU gives attendees direction and inspires them to build a vision for their corporate universities and create innovative strategies.
  • Discover talent and acknowledge that it matters. ECU aligns talent with tasks.  Many people believe that it’s not possible to align talent with tasks but talent alignment is important. Success requires leaders to align the capability and commitment of the organisation with a strategic talent alignment.
  • ECU acknowledges that without skills development, organisations may not have sustainable employment. The need to grow individuals is important because proper skills development comes from successful goal achievements.


The Evolving Corporate Universities Forum 2015 is not only designed to develop people but transform organisations. This forum will highlight some of the most important topics for corporate universities today, and help escalate the move forward.


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