January 18, 2017


Building a successful career

Like anything worthwhile, a successful career takes thought, planning, dedication, sacrifice and time. A career is far more than a job. Here’s how you go about building your present job into a successful career that you love.


Start with a dream. What gives you motivation and inspiration? What are you passionate about? People who have built a career around their passion in life say that work is getting paid for having fun. You can be one of them by figuring out what you love doing and building your career around it. But first, you must know yourself and identify your interests, abilities and highest values. A career where you manifest your values and maximise your abilities will give you the motivation and inspiration to be productive and successful.


Why work?

The work we do often defines how we see ourselves. It is an important part of our identity. Many people understand work as a vocation. They see work as a calling and a duty to God and to our society – no matter whether the work involves specialised skills or cleaning offices. You find fulfilment in a career because working hard is good for the soul as well as for society. A career is far more than making it to the next payday without too much hassle and with no danger of losing your job.


Apart from providing an income, a successful career gives you a sense of achievement. You get the opportunity to practise excellence and become the best you can be. The rewards include a good standard of living, increases, promotions, prizes and encouragement. You enjoy the highs of achieving targets, making deadlines and completing difficult projects. You learn to cooperate with others and work in teams. A successful career teaches you new things and keeps you growing.


Here are a few tips:https://pixabay.com/en/plan-action-success-concept-1616237/

  • Be yourself – you are a unique brand
  • Never stop researching – become a search guru
  • Collaborate – be the team member everyone wants
  • Build networks – give and receive support and advice
  • Find a mentor and mentor others
  • Welcome assessments and feedback – review criticism and implement sound advice
  • Find better and new ways of doing things – think critically and creatively
  • Grab every opportunity for skills development and employee development
  • Be brave – nothing is gained without risk!


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