To be a centralised strategic change agent for business growth and innovative organisational development of all African Global employees.

As a Corporate Academy, our Mission will be achieved by:

Vision and Mission (1)

  • Recognising the responsibility to provide our employees education that can evolve with changing business needs in order to foster the business’ sustained success
  • Integrating the development of our employees on a basis aligned with the companies’ values and business requirements.
  • Fostering the development of not only job skills, but also such core workplace skills as learning-to-learn, leadership, creative thinking, and problem solving.
  • Being a strategic tool designed to assist all departments in the company to achieve their goals by conducting activities that foster individual and organisational learning and knowledge.
  • Linking the companies’ strategies to the learning goals of the employees.
  • Functioning as the umbrella for the companies’ total education requirements for employees and the entire business chain, including customers and suppliers.
  • Providing job-specific, indeed company-specific, training for the employees in order to have long-term positive effects on the companies’ financial health and stability.
  • Contributing to the retention and promotion of key employees in African Global.
  • Shaping the culture of the company by fostering leadership, creative thinking, innovation and problem solving.
  • Providing employees with practical business knowledge, managerial competence, and task-oriented education – all aimed at making the company more competitive.
  • Offering a blended curriculum of online and face-to-face instruction and delivery methods based on the underpinning principles of the national qualifications framework and sub-frameworks.
  • Attracting and identifying latent talent of potential leaders.Vision and Mission
  • Building leadership qualities and skills.
  • Navigating leadership potential.
  • Creating team synergies through knowledge management.

Demonstrating value-driven management.



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