What is a Corporate Academy?


The exciting challenge and opportunity is to transform into a learning and development organisation able to transform experiences into information, information into knowledge, and knowledge into wisdom to remain a thriving, sustainable entity as African Global moves into the future.

It is against this background that Corporate Universities globally have emerged in modern times as important change agents and enablers of leveraging learning and development in world class companies. It is claimed that Corporate Universities are potentially one of the most powerful business and organisational development interventions to have evolved in the past two decades.

A Corporate University is a concrete demonstration that an organisation is striving to be an Employer of Choice with Employees of Choice. Therefore the African Global Board of Directors has agreed to the establishment of the Watson Corporate Academy to address the learning and development needs of the Group and to ensure that African Global is future-fit to meet the strategic vision. The Watson Corporate Academy’s philosophy is pulling together all learning in African Global by managing education as a business initiative. It has clear goals and long-term strategic plans. It is proactive.

A corporate university is any educational entity that is a strategic tool designed to assist its parent organization in achieving its goals by conducting activities that foster individual and organizational learning and knowledge.” –Wikipedia

Therefore, it has been established to:

  • Organise and conduct training throughout African Global
  • Start and support change in the organisation
  • Get the most out of the investment in education
  • Bring a common culture, loyalty, and belonging to the company
  • Remain competitive in today’s economy
  • Retain employees

The benefits of a corporate academy for African Global

It is of paramount importance that the Watson Corporate Academy offer valuable learning and development opportunities to African Global employees, and contribute to retain and promote key employees in African Global. The Watson Corporate Academy shapes the culture of the company by fostering leadership, creative thinking, innovation and problem solving. Employees are provided with practical business knowledge, managerial competence, and task-oriented education – all aimed at making an organisation more competitive.


Following the reformation of the South African education landscape, the sector, including the Watson Corporate Academy, is now ready to enter this new era, which will have its own challenges. An era characterized by a general mood of optimism, one described by Gavin Watson, African Global CEO, as the “Age of building brilliant teams”. This concept creates the context for the next phase of the Watson Corporate Academy. Believing and developing people, breaks through individuals self-imposed limitations and provides the foundation for discovering new horizons.



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