Community Development

Meaningful and sustained Corporate Social Responsibility forms part of the very fabric of Watson Corporate Academy. The culture of the institution and African Global of companies as a whole is to touch the lives of local communities and individuals in need.

Over the years we have made numerous contributions to the development of local communities. Our community development initiatives are mainly structured around Youth Development, School, Crèche and Orphanage Support.

Community Development (3)
We believe that it’s vital for our children to receive a solid education, therefore, Watson Corporate Academy sponsors several schools, including a music school. Providing a basic education is a good foundation, but if we can also give the youth access to the arts, South Africa’s future will be bright indeed.

All of our activities are routed in a firm belief that giving back to the community is a vital part of our corporate social responsibility. Within the company itself, we believe that all of our employees are capable of improving their standings. This is why we open our state-of-the-art training facilities to those in need with the hopes that they will one day become leaders within African Global.



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